Facilities Management


Penguin provides a full range of mechanical, electrical, and facility management services.

By drawing on the talents of our trades, engineers, and managers, we consistently meet the needs and standards of the industry: quality work, on-time results, cost-competitive performance, and the ability to develop, apply, and maintain improvements in electrical/mechanical technology and methods.

As systems have become increasingly more complicated and challenging, operating and maintaining a complex facility demands a higher level of skill and training than ever before.

In order to reduce overhead, buildings must be run more efficiently while still providing the highest levels of comfort and convenience.

Many customers have chosen to concentrate on their primary businesses, relying on Penguin to provide the necessary facilities management services.

These services include:

  • Mechanical and electrical system maintenance
  • Facility electrical services
  • Facility maintenance services
  • Energy management and security
  • Emergency procedures
  • Diagnostic and back-up services
  • Voice and data communications systems
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Preventative maintenance programs

Providing value to customers is at the heart of Penguin's strategic objective: to be THE preferred supplier of mechanical and electrical construction and facility management services. All of our work is directed to achieve optimum results - and our commitment doesn't end when a project does.

Contact us to learn more about our facilities management packages, which can include facilities maintenance and preventative maintenance programs.